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CD 2.1x Mk. II
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CD-2.1x Mk.II
A termék képe

The CD 2.1x/II is-essentially a component upgraded version of the CD1.1x. Better parts, such as high grade Audio Note tantalum resistors, a few scattered Black Gate capacitors and Audio Note copper foil output capacitors make for a more open, detailed and lively performance than the CD-1.1x. The CD 2.1x Mk.II uses the Philips L1210 mechanism and a simple yet revealing DAC made with the 1543 16 bit multi-bit digital to analogue converter chip. This player, like its bigger brothers, features no oversampling, no digital or analogue filtering. This makes for a highly effective sonic combination all housed in a new, smaller chassis which measures just 91 x 440 x 235 mm (HWD) The player uses a single 6111WA miniature double triode, each half of the valve running a different channel. Standard parts as dictated by it Level One status; Beyschlag resistors, standard electrolytic capacitors, tin foil output capacitors.

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