Welcome to the High-End world of Audio Note!

The Analog Voice company is the hungarian distributor of Audio Note. We share all available informations regarding our appliances. For more informations or ordering and delivering details please send an email or call by phone.

Introduction - Audio Note

Peter Qvortrup, the owner of Audio Note UK, believes that ANALOG sounding is the best in our digital world. The ANALOG techology is inimitable in the ability of performing gentle details, fine resolution. The perfect sound cannot be reached with multiple sampling or tone control. The details, taken away from the music, cannot be compensated by the digital technology. All the appliances are handicrafted, according to the customer's unique orders, using the best row materials. The delivery period for an appliance is 3-4 months after ordering, what is acceptable in this category. Thanks for your patience and understanding. The appliance's level marks help in selecting simply a system. It is not a must to match only the same level appliances, but if you select very different level appliances, you possibly can't enjoy the higher level appliance's benefits.