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Level 3
Quest / Low Gain
Output Valves:
A termék képe

9 watt single-ended Class A no feedback triode mono amplifiers, valve rectified choke power supply, 2 x 300B, 2 x 6SN7, 2 x 5U4G, Low gain version is available with single stage input using a 6J5 for use with highly efficient speakers like the AN-E/LX HEG

Versions: | Quest / Low Gain |  Quest Silver / Low Gain |  Quest Silver Signature / Low Gain |

It is important to understand that sonically it is desirable to have as much gain available in the circuit as possible, as the wider the dynamic gain window is the better the amplifier/system handles wide dynamic signal levels (contrary to popular belief, dynamics have NOTHING to do with power, it is a function of how much each stage in a circuit’s gain window limits the dynamic peaks), having very high gain and therefore sensitivity in a power amplifier creates problems with background noise levels.

All Audio Note™ power amplifiers have heavily silver plated RCA input and speaker terminals with 4 & 8Ohm output impedance.

Despite the low power output of all out power amplifiers, their ability to drive speakers with even quite low efficiency, there is naturally a limit to how loud it is possible to play, however, even 86dB efficient loudspeakers can be used in smaller rooms.

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