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Level 3
Meishu Line - Phono - Silver - Silver Signature
Output Valves:
9W ClassA
Audio Note Soro 5881 push-pull integrated amplifier

Meishu Phono Silver Signature

As Meishu Line Silver, but with more Black Gate electrolytic capacitors, Audio Note™ silver wiring and copper wired thin lamination R36 double C-core output transformers. We have moved to the M2 phono stage so the valve complement is: 2x 300B, 2x 5687, 1x 6SN7, 1x ECC82, 1x ECC88, 2x 6X5, 1x 5U4G.

Versions: | Line |  Line Silver |  Line Silver Sig. |  Phono |  Phono Silver |  Phono Silver Sig. |

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